Who is Mit Romney?

A lot of you probably know Mit Romney as the Wealthiest of all the presidential candidates, but there’s much, much more to the man. Mit is actually his middle name, Willard is his first name but I don’t blame him for going with Mit. A lot of the time, thanks to the delinquent media, we only hear the negative or irrelevant sides of a candidate. If your wondering where Mit stands on major issues, here they are:

-Mit Romney is Prolife

-Mitt Romney is for Abstinence Education in schools.

-Mitt Romney is for cutting back and assessing where foreign aid dollars are going.

-Mitt Romney opposes both gay marriage and civil unions but believes in fair treatment –

for gay individuals and some rights for gay couples.

-Mitt Romney believes there might be some global warming but is for a “no-regrets” pro-business approach concerning this issue.

-Mitt Romney is for limited Government

-Mitt Romney is for State’s Rights on the matter of health care.

-Mitt Romney believes in strict enforcement of immigration laws and in welcoming those who come here legally.

-Mitt Romney is for 2nd Amendment rights consistent with the original intent of the founders.

-Mitt Romney is for national tort reform.

As you can see, Mr. Romney’s stand on America is much different then the current clown in office. Mit has all the right views, and when I saw right, I mean the views that are going to push America Forward. My opinion for Mit Romney is a soon to be writien article, though I hope you realized today that Mit Romney has the plan for success.


 “You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence.”  –Abraham Lincoln

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2 Responses to Who is Mit Romney?

  1. Raquel Sanzhez says:

    Mit Romney is an excellent candidate for the U.S., too bad that many people get carried away by the fact that it is of another religion. It’s a shame that in mexico we do not have a president of this size and with those qualities of honesty and high moral values​​. I don´t know what people want in the United States. Sorry, I do not speak english. I hope you can understand.

    • Thank you for your insite, we appreciate it very much! It’s nice to see such understanding, if only some Americans could set aside their differences for the better of our country.

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